Regas Your Car Air Con

Most manufacturers recommend that the air con in your car gets a regas every two years. Unfortunately, many drivers wait until their air con stops blowing cold to get one done. This is a shame because a well-functioning air con will help reduce the strain on your engine, saving fuel. It will also make demisting your windows much easier and is useful for keeping you cool on those hot summer days.

The simple reason why your air con needs to be regassed is because the system loses about 10% of refrigerant gas each year. This is because the drier, which converts liquid to gas, loses efficiency over time. To avoid this, you should have it inspected and serviced by a garage every couple of years. If you’re not sure if it’s due for service, there are several warning signs that your air con is in need of a regas:

You may notice that the air blown from your vents isn’t as cold as it used to be or there may be a whistling noise coming from the unit. Another sign is a musty smell, which could indicate the onset of a leak. The cheapest way to check if your air con is in need of a regas is to use the temperature gauge and a vacuum test, which both are carried out during a standard regas or air con service.

An auto electrician will use a machine to remove the old refrigerant regas your car aircon gas from your air con and replace it with fresh refrigerant. They will then run a leak test and inspect the system for any other problems. In addition to a regas, your auto electrician will clean the components of your car air conditioning, replacing any dirty filters. This will prevent bacteria and other debris from entering your air con, which can cause allergies and unpleasant odours in the cabin.

Unlike your car’s oil, which is an essential part of the operation of your car and should be changed regularly, your car air conditioning is a luxury that you might not think about too often. However, it’s important to have your air con regassed to keep it working as efficiently as possible. You can expect a quick and easy process that will take less than 45 minutes.

How Much Does an Air Con Regas Cost?

The cost of an air con regas depends on the type of refrigerant your car requires. It will usually be a choice between R134A and R1234YF, which are both widely available. The majority of garages will charge between PS50 and PS100, including VAT.

Getting your air con regassed is a cheap way to keep your car comfortable and to avoid expensive repairs later on. It will be worth it, especially if you want to make sure you can demist your windscreen in winter without having to turn the engine on to do so! In addition, a poorly functioning air con system will put unnecessary strain on your engine and waste fuel.