Hood Cleaning Services For Commercial Kitchens

If you have a commercial kitchen, then it is highly recommended that you employ professional hood cleaning services. This is because a poorly maintained hood can result in fire hazards and health risks. These are two things that are not ideal for your business.

Hood Cleaning Services should be performed regularly. It can be expensive and time consuming to perform these types of jobs. Therefore, you should find a company that offers a range of services to fit your needs. By choosing the right hood cleaner, you can enjoy better service and lower prices.

Some companies offer discounts for active customers. In addition, you should choose a company that is ANSI/IKECA C 10 certified. This is a certification that indicates the level of compliance with local regulations. Several reputable hood cleaning services post a certification sticker on their hoods.

Another factor that affects the price of hood cleaning is the condition of the equipment. When you have equipment that has been used for a long period of time, you will end up paying more for the cleanup. Moreover, if the duct work is damaged, you may also have to pay extra.

The average cost for hood cleaning services is $400 – $425. However, you can expect to pay more or less depending on the location and how much work the hood cleaning crew is willing to do.

You can opt for a monthly or bi-weekly clean. You will also need to get your grease filter replaced on a regular basis. This will allow you to keep your hood in great shape and make the cleaning process easier in the future.

Generally, a hood cleaning service uses a hot water pressure washing technique to remove grease and other residues. During the cleaning, the hood canopy and interiors are scuffed and polished. Moreover, a separate towel is used to dry the inside of the hood.

A typical hood cleaning service will charge a flat rate or an hourly rate. Depending on your location and the amount of work required, you may also have to pay extra for a forced clean by the Health Department. Those with multiple locations will often benefit from having a single hood cleaning company for all of their restaurants.

Ensure that the hood cleaning services you hire are NFPA 96 Fire Code compliant. ThisĀ Hood Cleaning Services will ensure that your hood is cleaned and your exhaust system is in good working order. Besides, you should never sign contracts with a company that you have not been satisfied with in the past.

Hood Cleaning Services should also polish all other surfaces in your restaurant. This includes the backsplash, countertops, and other surfaces. Also, they should check the fans to make sure they are in working condition. Lastly, they should wipe the kitchen hood thoroughly. They should then take a close look at all the corners to see if there are any anomalies.

Hood Cleaning Services should use a clean, non-toxic solution for scrubbing. The cleaning solution should be mixed with warm water and a liquid degreaser. The scrubbing should be done using a soft bristle brush.