Diamond Pest Control specializes in a variety of services for your home or business

Diamond Pest Control specializes in a variety of services for your home or business. This includes everything from general pest control to weed and fertilization.

The company is headquartered in Louisville, Ky. and has multiple branches and franchises across the country. Black Diamond offers an annual service plan for a flat fee that covers both the exterior and interior of your property.

They also offer a variety of specialty services like termite treatments, bedbug control and mosquito treatment. They also provide turf maintenance and restoration to help keep your lawn and shrubs looking healthy.

The Most Awarded Company

In addition to being an award-winning company, they have some of the most impressive customer service. In fact, the company recently won a coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award for their excellent customer service.

Among their many accolades, the company was also the first to win the CPMA’s prestigious Golden Sprayer award for their efforts in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This is one of the most coveted awards in the industry, as it is given to only the top performing companies in the area.

They owe it all to the fact that their employees are trained find out more and certified to be the best in the business. Using a proprietary training program, they ensure their staffs receive the most up-to-date knowledge and training.

Their marketing department is led by a group of dedicated individuals with extensive experience in the industry. The team focuses on developing and maintaining relationships with customers and potential clients to build an ongoing relationship that leads to more business in the long run.

The company’s slogan is “We Treat a Lot More than Just Insects.” They have an impressive list of certifications, including the OMRI (Official EPA Medical Insecticide Approval), APMA’s Certified Crop Advisor and American Crop Protection Association’s Integrated Pest Management Award for their commitment to the pest control industry.