Statement Showers: Designing a Striking Focal Point in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a personal space that offers the opportunity to express one’s style and personality. However, with so many details competing for attention, it can be difficult to find a focal point that stands out. Creating an eye-catching shower can add visual interest to the room while also helping to unify the design and avoid having elements clash.

While there are endless shower tile ideas to consider, finding the right one can be a daunting task. To make the process easier, start with a single inspiration item that will guide the overall aesthetic. Whether it be a favorite vacation spot, a piece of artwork or a beautiful object, this item can serve as the foundation for the rest of your design.

Another way to spark ideas is to look at the current trends in home décor. For example, warm natural tones that evoke feelings of wellness and tranquility are a growing trend in the bath. These earthy hues can create a sense of balance in the room and help to transform a once-bland bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

For an added touch of sophistication, opt for a black-tiled shower. This stunning Bathroom remodel Chicago feature can create a modern moodiness and frees up the room to incorporate other elements that are more vibrant or neutral, such as the calming pastel colors featured in this gorgeous space from Ripples.

Decorative borders are another great way to make a statement in the shower, and they come in a variety of styles, including linear, horizontal and vertical designs. These features can be paired with lighter or darker accent wall tiles to tie in the overall design.

One of the easiest ways to instantly elevate a bathroom is by adding a beautiful shower niche that serves as an efficient storage solution. Niches effectively organize your bath essentials and they’re a cleaner alternative to wire racks. Plus, they’re a great place to showcase a decorative accent like a mosaic tile wall.

The Statement collection by Kohler reinvents the shower by bringing together innovative performance with iconic and unique design forms. The line includes a showerhead, four handshower styles and two bodysprays. Each component was carefully designed — from thread size to flow rate — to yield a natural interplay with the other components of the suite.

For a more modern vibe, consider pairing your Statement showerhead with brushed nickel hardware. This combination can provide a sleek and streamlined look, while still providing a subtle contrast to the white tile and chrome fixtures. The key to mixing metals is to be mindful of how they pair with each other and not to overdo it.

Another exciting way to upgrade your bathroom is with a non-operable window. This option can save space and reduce costs by eliminating the need for a curtain or other enclosure. It can even allow you to take advantage of natural sunlight and the view, while keeping your privacy intact.